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No self respecting Cajun cooks without this seasoning.  At Traub Supply, we love cooking, and Tony Chachere's is always used.  It's the perfect blend of salt and spices and is guaranteed to make any food taste better, not just ducks and geese.

Even we want to try different recipes sometimes, and this book delivers.  Not only does it offer up tasty recipes, it provides a glimpse into the lifestyle and rich tradition of waterfowl hunters.

Sometimes waterfowl can be gamey, and a delicious injectible marinade can be just what you need.  This is also great when you're wanting to throw it on the pit.

This is a must for a true cajun gravy.  When the "gratin (crust)" forms at the bottom of the pot and it's time to de-glaze, having a flat bottom spoon is the best way to scrape it.

Unless you want to be there all day, high pressure is the way to go.

This 42  qt. is a good size for submerging most ducks and geese.

Some like to scrape the wax with a stick, but at Traub Supply, we scrape the wax off with a rubber glove.  If the wax is real hot, you may want to even put a cloth glove under the rubber glove.

For those pesky pin feathers that ruin a good waxing.

There are probably better game shears out there, but for the price, these are the ones we use.

Whenever we're cleaning hundreds of birds, the shears just won't cut it.  Break out the heavy duty cleaver and get to whacking; just watch out for your fingers.

This call from Louisiana's Haydel family goes to show that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for a great call.  I used this call to win the 2004 Gueydan Duck Festival Duck calling championship.  And for those of you who don't know, Gueydan is the duck capital of the world (not Stuttgart).

These zip ties are perfect for attaching Traub Supply's Natural grass mats to your blind.

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