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Born and raised in Southwest Louisiana, Adam Traub grew up hunting with his family in Sportsman's Paradise.  From alligator and rabbit, to squirrels and ducks, Adam grew up hunting, and most importantly, eating everything he harvested.   On many occasions in high school, Adam would play a Friday night high school football game, and shortly after be on the road en route to the duck camp for a Saturday morning hunt.  


When Adam received his degree in Wildlife Management he never imagined that it would be managing the bothersome feathers that plague duck hunters.  If there's one thing that duck hunters don't like about the hunt, it's cleaning the ducks.  Here at Traub Supply we supply premium duck wax at affordable prices. We've been in the duck hunting and cleaning industry for a long time and we know what works.  


Hand plucking takes a long time, mechanical plucking is a tornado of flying feathers and the lasting smell and taste of burnt feathers, and breasting is just plain sacrilegious.  No other method produces a cleaner duck than waxing.  Take a hint from the French and keep that delicious skin and duck fat.


So call your wife on your way home and ask her to turn on the burner.  When you get home the wax will be melted and ready for dipping.

In addition to duck wax, in 2018 Traub Supply began producing "Natural Grass Mats (TM)," allowing hunters to spend more time doing what they love rather than slaving in the marsh and fields for hours digging up grass to conceal their blinds.  With our grass mats, the mats are simply unrolled and zip tied to the blind.  In a matter of minutes, a duck or goose blind is hidden and ready to be hunted.


The newest addition to our line of products is our "Calcasieu Hot Sauce."  What began as a simple gift we would give to our lodges from peppers we grew in the garden, has grown to be our latest and very successful hot sauce.  After the first hunting lodge requested a case of the stuff, we new we were on to something.

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