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Wow!  Cleaning Muscovys has been a nightmare until your product.  My ducks were full of pin feathers and it removed 95% of them, and I simply singed the remainder.  I am very happy with your farm duck wax.

Welsey D.- Ville Platte, LA.


Your grass mats are game changers.  I grass my boat hide in 15 minutes where it used to take me half a day.

Jake F - Lacassine, LA


I found your number one my fan; my girlfriend.  She cooked the nastiest dish the other night and before she threw it out, I told her to put some of your Calcasieu hot sauce on it.  Oh my god, she wouldn't stop talking about your sauce.  She said if you ever make a commercial she will be in it for free.

John N.-DeRidder, LA

What are you putting in that hot sauce to make everyone like it so much!

Mike T. - Lake Charles, LA

I just wanted to let you know that we processed our 1st duck this past weekend and it turned out amazing. The wax worked perfectly!! I really appreciate the time you spent helping me with this. 

Thank you,

Annie C.- Cedar City, UT

That's the best hot sauce I've ever tasted, and I don't like hot sauce.

-Kodi T. - Lake Charles, LA

This is the first hot sauce I have ever been able to taste.  Love it.  I mean "Super Sauce."  I stand corrected.

Cheryln C. - Broken Arrow, OK

I have your hot sauce on every table at the Lodge and it has become my new favorite hot sauce.

Scott R.-Lacassine, LA

We used to pluck, but after using your wax, we realized how much easier it was.

-Anthony D.- Chico, CA

We had been getting wax from another company until they had a shortage, at which point I tried out your wild duck wax and found it to be superior as well as more cost-effective.

-Ross M.- Bush, LA


This is where I get my wax from.

-Derick A.- Noatak, AK


Thank god for your duck wax. Without it we would have given up on butchering Muscovy for sale to the public. I had some glitches, mostly a snafu from the co I bought my 40qt pot from. Had to use two 12qt pots so it took 4 times as long, but that is their fault. Thank you for your product, definitely a time saver :)

-Heather H.- Cornville, AZ-









OMG! Where has your product been all of my life? I did 4 domestic ducks over the weekend using your wax. This is a job I never like to do because of the time involved with getting all of those little feathers off. I've tried every home remedy I've heard, but none of them compared to waxing. I had my son do the dirty work while I was in charge of the "Plucking". The waxing made quick time of my work. He even came in and said "Mom you look just like the guy in the video" (I'm not sure its a compliment to be compared to a man or not) It was like the ducks were unzipped from their feathers. I would recommend you marketing this product to homesteaders and small farmers. I've been telling everyone that this is a life changing product. I'm even demoing it to my college poultry production class. Thanks again. 

-Holly F. - Saint Anne, IL

Thank you for your exceptional customer service, a rare thing these days. I was originally gifted a bottle of your sauce a couple of weeks ago and found it very tasty. Having been caught up in the habanero sauce craze, I find this classic Cayenne mixture a delightful return to basics. I shared my original bottle and had nothing but rave reactions to it. My daughter ordered 3 and gave me some. I have now gone through 2 of them. I am delighted to see that Hebert's Specialty Meats is carrying your product as they are quite close and a favorite spot of mine.  I might add that the sauce makes a great Michelada with Michelob Ultra Infusions Lime and Prickly Pear. 

-George T. - Lake Charles, LA 

It is so refreshing to actually talk to someone who answers any questions we have.  Thank you.

Quinn C - Sacramento, CA

We've been cleaning ducks and geese for a long time, and your duck wax is by far the best we've ever used.  You also beat everyone's prices and you deliver. (disclaimer: Free delivery only on certain amounts and locations.)

-Mike M.- Thornwell ,LA


It might just be me, but your duck wax sure seems to last longer than other waxes we have used in the past.

-Mike T.- Hayes, LA

Great dealing with Adam.  Fast and efficient.  Thanks. (2016)

Adam has great and unbelievable fast service.  Pleasure to do business with him. Thanks Adam. (2017)

-Gerry R.- Sonora, CA


Your duck wax is less expensive, and it includes delivery.  You can't beat that.  (disclaimer: Free delivery only on certain amounts and locations.)

-Jeff D.- Sweetlake, LA


Y'all have unmatched customer service and products.  Small and reliable companies such as Traub Supply are rare these days.  You even personally delivered our duck wax when you had the flu.

-Kris L.- Lake Charles, LA

It is perfect.

-Karen D.- Windsor, Nova Scotia

Traub Supply is an excellent business to deal with.  Great Prices and availability of products are a couple of reasons, among others. It has taken customer care and customer satisfaction to the next level, and when you really need something, they make it happen.

-Preston S. - Sweetlake, LA

Small companies such as Traub Supply that deliver on customer service just as much if not more than with their products just don't really exist anymore.  Don't get me wrong, their duck wax is the best, but how they treat their clients is top notch.  It's companies like Traub Supply that remind one of by-gone days when customers were treated as if they were the most important person in the world-like family.  I'm not sure if Adam has taken classes on winning over customers, but he has sure won me over.  Thanks for everything.

-James M.- Lake Charles, LA

Great Service.  Prompt, courteous and helpful.

-Jesse F.- Hilo, HI

Traub Supply duck wax is the best there is.  From the actual product, to the price, to the service, I don't know why anyone would bother with anything else.

-Allen T.- Creole, LA

Why do I want to give my hard earned money to some big corporation?  I'd rather spend my money where I know it's appreciated, and even more, on a better product.  Thanks for everything.

-J.J. R- Lake Charles, LA

I haven't always been a duck-waxer, but when I saw the prices which Traub Supply was selling duck wax, I decided to give it a try.  Once you get set up with your pot, burner, and cooling pot, it's so easy and produces beautiful results.  One case will last me all year long.  I'm  a duck wax convert.  Thanks Traub Supply.

-Scott L.- Iowa, LA

I have a mechanical plucker that I have used for years, but when it was time to replace some parts, I decided to give duck wax a try.  One case will clean me about 120-160 ducks, depending on the size, which is usually more than I kill in a year.  I could buy about seven cases of duck wax for the price of my mechanical plucker which is messier and doesn't always gets the birds as clean as I would like.  Duck wax is where it's at.  Neat company.

-Danny R.- Sweetlake, LA

Adam delivers what he promises.  The quality of his products, the open communications and the dependability are second to none.

-Matt D.- Hackberry, LA

The wax is working well.

-Jeannette C.- Lima, Peru

Awesome product.  Used it to clean teal this season at our lodge in Texas.

-Brent W.- Bay City, TX

Great product and great service.  Good combination.  Thanks Adam.  Keep up the good work.

-Clyde C.- Lake Charles, LA

Adam,  I tested the wax this past weekend and liked it.  I tested it out with my father in law and he really liked it as well.  Cleaned the duck much better than plucking by hand and much easier.  My father in law is a huge duck hunter and he was a little skeptical at first but he was sold on it pretty quickly after he broke the wax off the first duck.  Need to order another case.

-Matt C.- Shreveport, LA

Thank you.  It worked great.

-Ryan D.- Thornwell, LA

The best way to pick your ducks!  I will say it takes a few times to figure it out but it works good when you do!

-Grant D.- Hoisington, KS

I've never tried waxing a duck until I found the video online where Adam Traub shows how to use his wax and details the process. I decided to give it a try myself.  When it came time to wax my first few ducks, I had questions during the process.  I called and spoke with Adam himself.  I'm very impressed with the product and you can't ask for better customer service.

-Lee W.- Charlotte, NC

Did the job (on the chickens).  Takes a little tweaking, but exponentially better than plucking.  I have other folks looking for wax now and I will send them your way.  Thanks again.

-Paul M.- Lake Charles, LA

Loved the wax.

-Bruce L.- Folsom, LA

Great job. Very professional.

-Tom M. - Pahrump, NV

Hey Adam, I’m in Washington state. I spoke to you on the phone a couple of weeks ago. I told you I bone my birds and leave the wings intact. I just had a chance to try your wax, WOW forget about my electric picker. The is so much faster and better. I thought I would have to pick the wings after dipping in the wax, but they came just as clear as the rest of the bird. Great product.

-Mike. S.-Lynnwood, WA

Great product and excellent and knowledgeable personnel. The video on how to wax a duck was most helpful. I had no problem and made a believer out of several of my hunting buddies. I’m sure they will be ordering your product also. I’ll be ordering again soon and good luck with your business.

-R.K.W.- Flint, TX

2018-I get all my wax from Traub Supply.  It's good stuff.  Y'all blend it well.

2019-Hey buddy, not sure what you changed on the blend of that wax, but don't change it again!!  It's perfect.  This Mottled duck had solid pin feathers and I almost skinned it, but went ahead and waxed it.  All the pin feathers came out!!!  Never seen that before.  You can quote me on that!!!

-T-Roy B.- Beaumont, TX

First and foremost, I just want to say this is the second time we've ordered your duck wax and boy is it awesome?  It reduced the level of effort drastically to pluck a duck.

-Lacy L.- Flemington, WV

Adam, I really appreciate all the info.  It's rare you get a business that's willing to help their customers.

-Kaden C. - Marion, LA

You rock.  Thanks for all your help.

-Scott T.- Sharpsburg, GA

I see why your customers brag about you.  Thanks for all the info.

-Jonathon U.- Culleoka, TN

I have to say, this company provides some of the best customer service I have experienced in years.  They are quick to provide information about their product and helpful hints on how to use.  I am looking forward to using the wax this year.

-Victor K.- Fairfax Station, VA

This is the second time we have purchased from you. We are so happy with the product! It works amazingly! Pint birds and big geese don’t stand a chance with this stuff!

-Traci P. - Marysville, CA

Your grass mats are a game changer.

-Dusty G.- Klondike, LA

Traub Supply's grass mats are the real deal.

-Jason R.- Thornwell, LA

The wax worked great.  Thanks for the help.

-Brian B.- Woodworth, LA

Dude!  How in the world did you come up with this grass mat idea?  These are great.

-Richard D.- Creole, LA

Been using Traub wax for years.  Only way to go.

-Tory T.-Gueydan, LA

I've used your duck wax.  The results were awesome.

-Lofl T.- WA

Your farm duck wax just makes things so easy.

-Wesley D.-Washington, LA




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