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Duck Cracklins. You better save that skin!

Is there anything more satisfying than biting into a perfectly fried and seasoned hog cracklin? If there is, it might just be a duck cracklin. To the uninformed, cracklins are skin with a layer of fat which renders down and becomes the cooking medium for the skin, usually from hogs. They're a cajun delicacy and many a party is centered around someone wielding a large metal paddle, constantly scraping and stirring a large pile of hog heaven. Duck cracklins, on the other hand, might just be more valuable due to the law of supply and demand, and what's even better, is that duck fat is better for you than hog fat.

Duck hunters are in luck since they usually have a pretty good supply of duck skin, but unfortunately, many will discard this delicious skin. To properly clean the duck and obtain the duck skin with the fewest amount of feathers, dipping ducks in duck wax is the preferred choice. Traub Supply has a video on their home page ( to show you how it's done as well as a store where you can purchase their blended duck wax. After waxing the duck which retains the skin on the cleaned duck, the skin can be removed from the duck and collected and frozen until enough is obtained. The skinless meat can be used for whatever your heart desires: duck poppers, duck sausage, duck steaks, duck gravy (better with skin on), etc...

After making these delicious morsels of euphoria (, strain the rendered duck fat and use for smothering potatoes, beans, or whatever your heart desires to be smothered in silky smooth duck fat.

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