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Our new "Natural-grass"(TM)" to change the grass mat industry

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

At Traub Supply, we feel we listen to our customers. So last year, when we received numerous calls asking if we sold pre-made grass mats to quickly grass your duck or goose blind, we listened. While our immediate answer was "no," the gears were already spinning. We quickly made some calls, met with hunters, and realized that this is something we can do, do it better, and at an affordable price. Our "Natural-grass" product, just like our duck wax, is going to be produced in-house. We will harvest our own grasses straight from the Louisiana marshes, sew them into 8' mats, and then provide them to our customers all over the country. Just think about it. Many leases have in excess of 10 duck/goose blinds, and often times many more than that. The members have to take off work, or spend an entire weekend digging and pulling various grasses from ditches, other marshes, or wherever, and it's usually done in August or September when it's still scorching hot, so mosquitoes are loving it. Instead of going through all of that time and trouble, why not just purchase "Natural-grass" from Traub Supply or one of our many retailers and grass your blind in about 15 minutes. In the long run, it's money saved. While we are still developing our product, we hope to have them ready for the 2018-2019 season.

Note: Our original name to be used was "Marsh Hay" which is why the present logo states such.

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